OmniSciDB Developer Documentation

OmniSciDB is an open-source SQL-based, relational, columnar database engine that leverages the full performance and parallelism of modern hardware (both CPUs and GPUs) to enable querying of multi-billion row datasets in milliseconds, without the need for indexing, pre-aggregation, or downsampling.

OmniSciDB can be run on hybrid CPU/GPU systems, as well as on CPU-only systems featuring X86, Power, and ARM (experimental support) architectures. To achieve maximum performance, OmniSciDB features multi-tiered caching of data between storage, CPU memory, and GPU memory, as well as an innovative Just-In-Time (JIT) query compilation framework built around LLVM.

This developer documentation provides an in-depth discussion of the OmniSciDB internals and details the data model and query execution flow.

API Reference

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